Protect Learning with Better Teacher Coaching

Teacher leaders, mentor teachers, content leaders, and instructional coaches have a special place in our schools. They’re the glue between passion and practice, helping teachers with unique strengths make a measurable impact on student learning. But what distinguishes the most impactful coaching?  Strong coaching comes down to finding that special connection between passion and strategy. … Continued

How Should Nonprofits Support Schools Right Now?

Despite the chaos in the world, there’s a sense of calm in the air. I’m talking with Amy Rome, who recently left her role as Leading Educators president after five transformative years, although she is continuing to serve Chicago students and schools in new ways. While at LE, Amy led a national network of partnerships … Continued

Students of Color Can’t Wait on Us

“There is no ‘not racist’. We are either racist or anti-racist and we don’t need to mince words about that for our district”.  The superintendent’s statement quieted the room as we took in the gravity of his charge. Our team and school district leaders in Kent County, Michigan had gathered to collaborate on goals for … Continued

Supporting You During Crisis

Admittedly, it is a scary time, particularly as COVID-19 is affecting communities everywhere. Seemingly overnight, more than 55 million students are at home during the middle of the academic year, and at least 124,000 schools are closed until further notice to ensure the safety of our nation’s kids and those around them. These unprecedented, difficult … Continued