Preparing School Leaders to Succeed in a “New Normal”

Instructional Leadership Matters For many potential school leaders, the preparation experience is like swimming in the shallow end of the pool. It’s a lot of learning and applying transactional skills around school budgeting, school law, and instructional observations. But the role of an effective school leader demands so much more. In reality, these leaders will … Continued

Take 5: Q&A With Strategist Bekki Sarradet

Take Five is a quick-hit series highlighting the people behind Leading Educators’ mission, shining a light on the experiences they bring to our partnerships with school systems. Learn how Leading Educators can help you go further faster.  Meet Bekki Sarradet Meet Bekki Sarradet, Senior Director of Network Support at Leading Educators. As part of the … Continued

Activating a Common Vision for Excellent Instruction

Talking with Michigan District Leader Jennifer Slanger Earlier this year, I profiled Dr. Jennifer Slanger’s efforts to improve students’ opportunities in West Michigan’s Wyoming Public Schools. As the Director of Teaching and Learning for the district, Dr. Slanger is leading system-wide efforts to strengthen learning in math and ELA. This second installment details her journey … Continued

Overcoming Math Anxiety

Normalizing Struggle to Promote Confidence in Mathematics Math is all around us. It allows us to make sense of our world. But too few people finish their K-12 journey feeling ready to apply mathematical thinking to everyday problems. So, what can we do about it? Earlier, I talked with Rachel Scarpato, Senior Director of Math … Continued

Do More, Do Better, Do New with EdTech

What Should EdTech Help You Do? Technology is becoming more prevalent than ever in our lives. With advances in AI, virtual classrooms, and personal devices, it’s no wonder that there are over 8,000 verified tools in the edtech marketplace. Teachers and students are estimated to use over 140 individual tools per year. With so many … Continued

Math: Do You Love it or Hate it?

How our experiences with math shape the ways we see ourselves The mere mention of math often brings out strong emotions in people. Either you love it, or you hate it. Those personal feelings you bring to math usually have something to do with how you were taught and the expectations your teachers set throughout … Continued

Seeing Students’ Superpowers

Dr. Lakita McKinney on her journey in education I never had a doubt about what I wanted to do professionally; I knew that teaching was going to be my profession of choice.” Few people are lucky enough to find their life’s passion before they graduate from high school. For Dr. Lakita McKinney, the new Managing … Continued

Leading to Expand Opportunity in Greater Grand Rapids

Meet Dr. Jennifer Slanger When Dr. Jennifer Slanger started her early education in Grand Rapids Public Schools, her school experience didn’t necessarily reflect the district’s diversity at large. She recalls, “My elementary school was primarily White students. I think I can remember one or two Black children in the entire kindergarten through sixth-grade building.”  High … Continued

Find Connection in Holidays and Traditions

Building Upon Opportunities to Learn from Each Other This time of year, when many significant holidays converge, reminds me of how traditions foster connection. Last week, I was on a staff call during which Leading Educators team members shared their winter traditions. It became apparent that many of us share traditions centered around similar things…whether … Continued

Reconnecting with My Culture

Tara Troxel on embracing her Native American heritage as a teacher Difference has always been a part of Tara Troxel‘s life. She was adopted as an infant in Minot, North Dakota and her parents made every effort to make her feel special and loved.  However, as she grew older, she wanted to learn more about … Continued

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