Rethinking Secondary Literacy Professional Learning

Part 3: Bringing the Science of Reading to Life in Secondary Literacy Professional Learning This blog is the third part in a series on giving secondary students access to the science of reading. Read part one and part two. When teachers learn, students learn. That’s why Leading Educators is exploring how to bring the science … Continued

How Literacy Affects Secondary Students’ Success

Part 2: Challenges & Solutions This blog is the second part in an ongoing series on giving secondary students access to the science of reading. Read part one. More than 50 years of flawed science guiding reading instruction in our K-12 schools have created challenges for secondary students that can seem insurmountable. Why Reading Matters … Continued

Using Reading Science to Support Secondary Students

Part 1: Imagine What’s Possible Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.” There is a densely packed class of 10th graders in a large, urban high school in Southeast Michigan intently studying words like this in their linguistics course each day. They learn how morphology unlocks meaning in complex words. They practice decoding long words – and shorter ones, too. They … Continued

How can data support work toward instructional priorities?

Data-driven practice helps teachers make their best even better Change is constant in an environment as complex as a school system, and focus matters. But the question remains: How do you ensure that your practices are not just based on intuition but rooted in thoughtful sourcing of internal and external data for research for lasting … Continued

What should districts do next about the science of reading?

Moving from Conversation to Systemic Action A seismic shift has been underway in education—one that has the potential to reshape the way we teach children the fundamental skill of reading. The science of reading movement is gaining momentum across the United States, challenging traditional approaches to reading instruction and sparking a nationwide conversation on evidence-based … Continued

What is Academic Language in Math and Why Does it Matter?

The Academic Language Gap While supporting math educators in Baltimore City Public Schools with a new curriculum, the Leading Educators team and partners observed a concerning trend. Students could solve math problems correctly, but they struggled to express their ideas in writing. Araceli Flores, Director of Math Content, explains, We were working with teachers on … Continued

Fostering Shared Ownership

How does investment in an instructional vision and instructional priorities affect impact? No single person can change a system on their own. That’s why shared ownership is crucial to bringing an instructional vision to life. Including teachers, administrators, and community members in implementing your strategy creates a shared reality where everyone has a vested interest … Continued

How a compelling vision supports deeper learning

Vision Matters A shared vision is paramount in moments of great change, ambiguity, and untapped potential. It allows leaders to clarify choices, weigh short and long-term benefits and constraints, and prioritize. Within school systems, a defined instructional vision is the north star for success and coherent improvement across schools. Defining an instructional vision provides a … Continued

Unpacking Conditions: The Infrastructure for Excellent Teaching & Learning

Our world is made up of ecosystems, both large and small, where certain factors must be in place for human systems and social structures to thrive. Consider a construction crew on a building site: specific technical conditions are needed for a construction crew to do their job well. Things like a project plan, sound blueprints, … Continued

Los Angeles: Bridging Student and Teacher Learning In Math

Math allows us to make sense of our world. When students see the power and joy in mathematics—not just the steps—they can use math knowledge and problem-solving skills to build the lives they dream about. That’s why the Los Angeles Unified School District is taking on an ambitious three-year effort to give students in every … Continued

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