Oakland Unified School District is Rooted in Reading

Partnerships in Action In 2023, Leading Educators concluded a two-year partnership with Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) to build and implement a strategy for curriculum implementation efforts focused on realizing the community’s deep investment in the right to read. Following a robust curriculum review process involving community input, OUSD partnered with Leading Educators to launch … Continued

Are You Maximizing Your Instructional Resources?

How Coherence Can Maximize the Return on Your Instructional Investments What comes to mind when you hear the word “resources” in the school context? Perhaps facilities or basic supplies like pens, notebooks, and iPads? Maybe you’re thinking about money and equitable funding. There’s actually more to consider that has a direct effect on learning. In … Continued

How Oakland Literacy Educators Are Growing Together

Q&A with Rebecca Anderson, Literacy Coordinator  Scaling and changing curriculums is hard, but the model that Leading Educators used to train our coaches helped. We wouldn’t have been able to do that alone,” says Rebecca Anderson, a literacy coordinator in Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). For the district, high-quality curricula presented an opportunity to ensure … Continued

Charleston: Getting Results from Coherence

A New Approach to School Turnaround Charleston County School District is on the rise despite national trends due to strategic investments in helping teachers and students continuously learn. Three years into an ambitious turnaround initiative known as Acceleration Schools, Charleston County School district saw significant improvement in math and ELA learning, countering national declines. 100% … Continued

How Oakland is Disrupting Historical Inequity in Literacy

Q&A with Jamilah Sanchez, Literacy Coordinator Students needed access to the Common Core, and our data reflected that. We realized we needed to be aligned with the science of reading and ensure our students had access to foundational literacy, a strong core curriculum aligned to the standards, and robust literature that allowed students to see … Continued

A Baltimore Math Coach on Strengthening Math Support

Q&A with Ofelia Arcillo, Math Coach  When I got promoted to being a math coach and started working with Leading Educators and getting coached myself by other math coaches, it clicked. I thought, ‘Ah, this is how I should coach teachers.’ Finally, things started to make sense,” says Ofelia Arcillo, a math coach for City Schools. … Continued

How Baltimore City Public Schools is Reshaping Mathematics

Q&A with Kerry Steinbrenner, Director of Mathematics The partnership with Leading Educators has not only had an impact on our math leads and folks in our schools but also on our district office team, bringing a level of learning, structure, and systems that we would not have or still be using to this day if … Continued

How aligned roles and responsibilities can improve teaching

Go further faster— together Aligned roles and responsibilities are crucial to success in a complex and ever-evolving organization like a school system. As an African proverb suggests, if we want to go far, we must go together. The same holds true for school districts. Alignment in roles and responsibilities empowers everyone, from teachers to administrators, … Continued

Teachers Make the Future. Let’s Help Them Thrive.

Recognizing Teacher Appreciation Week Students don’t just deserve excellent educators—they depend on them. Teachers are the most consequential factor in a student’s school journey, and their job has never been more complex. As artificial intelligence, global workforce shifts, and new societal challenges reshape our world, it’s critical that we collectively recognize the important role teachers … Continued

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