Teachers Make the Future. Let’s Help Them Thrive.

Recognizing Teacher Appreciation Week Students don’t just deserve excellent educators—they depend on them. Teachers are the most consequential factor in a student’s school journey, and their job has never been more complex. As artificial intelligence, global workforce shifts, and new societal challenges reshape our world, it’s critical that we collectively recognize the important role teachers … Continued

How Literacy Affects Secondary Students’ Success

Part 2: Challenges & Solutions This blog is the second part of an ongoing series on giving secondary students access to the science of reading. Read part one. More than 50 years of flawed science guiding reading instruction in our K-12 schools have created challenges for secondary students that can seem insurmountable. Why Reading Matters … Continued

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a New Curriculum

Every day, students count on their teachers to nurture the knowledge and skills they’ll need for future success. One critical support in this endeavor is a high-quality curriculum. The benefits are clear: It offers a common foundation for lessons, so there’s no mystery about what students should be learning and what teachers should be teaching. … Continued

Math Talk: How Embracing Culture Can Deepen Learning

Q&A with Designer Araceli Flores Araceli Flores is a designer, coach, and math lover at heart. She’s especially passionate about applying ratios and proportional reasoning to her two main hobbies: baking and home improvement projects. I spoke with Araceli about how her lifelong passion for math and Filipino identity shaped her perspective on the intersection … Continued

Bring Leading Educators to SXSW EDU 2024!

Vote In PanelPicker® By August 20 The future is changing rapidly, and it also promises students new opportunities not seen by past generations. What do you believe all students need—and deserve—to be ready for the world that awaits them? These questions lie at the heart of our mission at Leading Educators, and we’re excited to … Continued

Elevating Technology-Enabled Instruction

Bridging Instructional Practice and Technology to Elevate Teaching and Learning Dr. Huebner is the Director of Advancement Teaching and Learning at WestEd. Dr. Burstein is an independent education researcher and writer. Huebner and Burstein collaborated on the thought piece that forms the basis for this post. WestEd originally published this blog. By any measure, schools across … Continued

Overcoming Math Anxiety

Normalizing Struggle to Promote Confidence in Mathematics Math is all around us. It allows us to make sense of our world. But too few people finish their K-12 journey feeling ready to apply mathematical thinking to everyday problems. So, what can we do about it? Earlier, I talked with Rachel Scarpato, Senior Director of Math … Continued

Math: Do You Love it or Hate it?

How our experiences with math shape the ways we see ourselves The mere mention of math often brings out strong emotions in people. Either you love it, or you hate it. Those personal feelings you bring to math usually have something to do with how you were taught and the expectations your teachers set throughout … Continued

Find Connection in Holidays and Traditions

Building Upon Opportunities to Learn from Each Other This time of year, when many significant holidays converge, reminds me of how traditions foster connection. Last week, I was on a staff call during which Leading Educators team members shared their winter traditions. It became apparent that many of us share traditions centered around similar things…whether … Continued

Podcast Feature: Unlocking the Science of Reading

Leading with the Head and the Heart “My calling is so that children can one day stand on their own without scaffolds, that children will one day reap the benefits that literacy is liberty, that children will one day be able to teach someone else the power that only literacy can bring.” In recent years, … Continued

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