Talking to Kids About Racism

When the news breaks our children’s spirits, how will we fuel their hope? When I picked up my daughter from school, the first thing she asked was, “Did you hear the news?” I didn’t need her to clarify. I knew she was talking about a Wisconsin jury’s decision earlier in the day to acquit Kyle … Continued

How to Navigate a Once-in-a-Generation Crisis Moment

Chong-Hao Fu is the Chief Executive Officer of Leading Educators, which “partners with school systems to build and sustain the conditions, teaching, and leadership to ensure that the students furthest from opportunity succeed in school and in life.” A former teacher and founding school leader, Chong-Hao is a leading expert in teacher leadership and professional … Continued

Bringing a Sharper Lens to Data Reviews: Part 2

Data reviews can serve multiple purposes and may be structured in a multitude of ways. To match the structure and format to the purpose, get clear about what you want to accomplish, how you want participants to show up, and how you plan to use the time. How to use your time When planning for … Continued

Bringing a Sharper Lens to Data Reviews: Part 1

Data reviews are an important part of the instructional planning process. They offer educators an opportunity to not only reflect but also put values into practice. Every student deserves teaching that prepares them for their next step and beyond, no matter who they are, where they come from, or how much money their family has. … Continued

Not a “Math Person”? Teachers Should Tell You Otherwise.

Expanding Representation in Math Instruction Type “mathematician” into a Google image search. What do you notice? Recently, I asked a group of Charleston-based math educators to follow these directions in a professional learning session and describe what they saw. “Old,” “male,” and “white” were the most common adjectives. Say that instead I asked you to … Continued

Bridging the gap between antiracist activism and pedagogy

This piece originally appeared on the EDNET blog, an initiative of the Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation. What I teach and how I teach it can either contribute to or deviate from systems of oppression that impact our students of color and their families. That’s the system-level view that Leading Educators (LE), a professional learning partner with my … Continued

Virtual instruction isn’t going away. Let’s make it great.

Demystifying Virtual Teaching Schools face challenging decisions about reopening as the coronavirus vaccine becomes more available. Many education and political leaders have concluded that virtual instruction is a poor—if not harmful— substitute for traditional teaching. However, significant numbers of families and teachers do not trust that in-person schooling will be sufficiently safe. That means millions … Continued

How We Can Teach for Equity

Dear Educators, This tumultuous year has brought into focus the important role you play in young people’s lives. Amid a global pandemic, teachers like you have been a lifeline to essential resources and meals when needed, a counselor as students process change in the world around them, and a source of care as students adjust … Continued

Are My Students Engaged? How to Self-Assess Virtual Participation in ELA

“I’m teaching, but are my students engaged and participating in a meaningful way?”  This question has always mattered, but remote instruction can make it more challenging to answer now. Some students are not regularly on screen for various reasons. Other students readily chime in on the chat but disappear during small group break out discussions. … Continued

It’s easy to mistake engagement for learning. Here’s how I learned the difference.

A classroom observation changed my life. “It’s easy to mistake engagement for learning. Here’s how I learned the difference.” was originally published by Chalkbeat, a nonprofit news organization covering public education. Sign up for their newsletters here: As a middle school social studies teacher, I took a lot of pride in coming up with … Continued

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