What might SCOTUS decisions mean for fair and just education?

Democracy Depends on Education The top of every summer brings two guarantees: summer vacation and SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) rulings. The latest round of SCOTUS rulings, which cover a range of civil rights issues and questions about the powers of states and the federal government, are likely to affect the communities we … Continued

We Owe Our Kids Safe Schools

Reflecting on the Tragedy in Uvalde, TX Why haven’t we stopped this already? School should be a place where childhood happens. At its best, it’s where kids discover what excites them. It’s where they make friends and where they start to become their fullest selves. All of this depends on safety. But for too long, … Continued

Why I Celebrate Black History

Black history is yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I am Black history. My late mother is Black history, and my children are Black history in the making.   In our home, we lead with our individual and collective power as a people. My children understand that what they do today will impact the Black children who have … Continued

Who Are We Waiting For?

Owning Dr. King’s Vision for Just Education Every year, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day greets us with commemorations and carefully-worded statements. Organizations host days of service. And people with power quote “I Have A Dream”, even as they counter civil rights. Mere weeks later, we see this ritual play out again for the start of … Continued

2021: The Year of the Educator

Despite global uncertainty, real change is taking hold. We’ve seen our fair share of challenging times over a decade of service, but this year was unique. From school re-entry to teaching about racism, 2021 elevated public education as a top issue in the minds of the public. Facing this double-edged opportunity, teachers, families, and advocates … Continued

Chicago adopted the Skyline curriculum. Now what?

Curriculum requires aligned support to get real results We’re in the midst of what some call a “curriculum renaissance.” A growing number of school systems recognize that quality materials can expand access to challenging and engaging teaching by setting a common foundation for lessons, therefore closing gaps in opportunity. Curriculum writers are meeting this demand … Continued

What Comes Next for Teaching?

It’s Time to dream big. Great teachers unlock worlds of possibility. That’s why we have spent the past decade helping teachers and leaders build on their strengths and grow into the leading educators that every student deserves. This year, our mission enters a new chapter as passionate educators across the country show what’s possible. As … Continued

Bringing an Equity Lens to Data Reviews: Part 2

Data reviews can serve multiple purposes and may be structured in a multitude of ways. To match the structure and format to the purpose, get clear about what you want to accomplish, how you want participants to show up, and how you plan to use the time. How to use your time When planning for … Continued

Bringing an Equity Lens to Data Reviews: Part 1

Data reviews are an important part of the instructional planning process. They offer educators an opportunity to not only reflect but also put values into practice. Young people bring many different identities and experiences to the classroom. Teachers must then build on those experiences as strengths while providing the right mix of grade-level instruction and … Continued

Juneteenth and the Role of the Educator

Reflections on the newest Federal holiday Black communities have celebrated Juneteenth Day since 1866. This observance commemorates the end of legal slavery in the United States two and a half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. To many, it serves as a time for reflection, celebrating achievement, and sharing in Black joy. Yesterday, … Continued