What Students Can Teach Us About Equity

A Recap of Students Speak! Teaching is a relationship with students. When we see school and the world through students’ eyes, we not only grow our perspective but also open doors to meeting their hopes, strengths, and needs in our practice. That means we must actively listen to student voice. These ideas are at the … Continued

Reflection: Our Commitments to Black Lives

Entering this new year, our country is still in the throes of a devastating global pandemic that has magnified the inequity in our societal systems. Such tragedy has no doubt forced all of us to reflect on what it means to build community and work for justice. If we carry those lessons into 2021, we … Continued

Equity is on the Ballot

On November 3, we face a critical juncture in our journey toward a more equitable future. After a year of deeply felt hardship, devastating and preventable loss—and so many moments that have required us to reflect on what and whom we value—millions of Americans will exercise their right to vote. As you consider the choices … Continued

This is Our Moment for Integrated Schools

Editor’s Note: Over the next year, we’ll be talking to program alumni, our partners, community members, and education leaders about equity and anti-racism in action. Our hope is to highlight diverse ideas and perspectives that build towards a comprehensive vision for educational equity. This interview has been condensed and edited. FACING HARD TRUTHS Nearly a … Continued

Students of Color Can’t Wait on Us

“There is no ‘not racist’. We are either racist or anti-racist and we don’t need to mince words about that for our district”.  The superintendent’s statement quieted the room as we took in the gravity of his charge. Our team and school district leaders in Kent County, Michigan had gathered to collaborate on goals for … Continued

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. Today, yesterday, always.  Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Dreasjon “Sean” Reed. David McAtee. Nina Pop. Tony McDade. We say your names to make visible the beautiful lives cut short by hate and the burden of living in a country whose soul has been scarred by racism from the very beginning. We … Continued

‘Doing better’ in the classroom — conventional or virtual

“Would you rather eat fried spiders or pickled snakes?” Kelly Compher found that her North Godwin Elementary fourth graders were pretty well split on the matter, and for various reasons. “I would choose pickled snakes, because it has the word ‘pickle’ in it,” said one student. This exchange took place in a Google Classroom, but … Continued

Planning for Re-Entry and Beyond

Over the past month, we’ve been deep in conversation with our partners, community organizations, families, and each other to assess our new reality and determine the ways in which we can do the most good. We’re writing today to share a brief update about what comes next as schools plan for the next school year.  … Continued

Supporting You During Crisis

Admittedly, it is a scary time, particularly as COVID-19 is affecting communities everywhere. Seemingly overnight, more than 55 million students are at home during the middle of the academic year, and at least 124,000 schools are closed until further notice to ensure the safety of our nation’s kids and those around them. These unprecedented, difficult … Continued

Encouraging students to draw from their experiences

This is the final installment in a series of pieces from Leading Educators and the Learning Agency about opportunities to use strategies from the science of learning in diverse contexts to boost students’ learning.  There are often barriers to bringing research back to the classroom where it can benefit students most, so this series shares … Continued