Leading to Expand Opportunity in Greater Grand Rapids

Meet Dr. Jennifer Slanger When Dr. Jennifer Slanger started her early education in Grand Rapids Public Schools, her school experience didn’t necessarily reflect the district’s diversity at large. She recalls, “My elementary school was primarily White students. I think I can remember one or two Black children in the entire kindergarten through sixth-grade building.”  High … Continued

Promising Insights about Teacher Professional Development

Commentary on Leading Educators’ study of long-term Impact School districts nationwide invest 3-5 percent of their budgets each year in developing their educators. Yet, professional development programs often fail to improve teachers’ instructional practice or student achievement (Kraft et al., 2018). In the 2016-17 school year, U.S. spending on public elementary and secondary schools totaled … Continued

Together for Equity

4 Ways School System Leaders Are Addressing Equity Educating all our young people for the future they imagine is our greatest collective responsibility. Reaching this vision requires specific work from all of us. So, what is the role for school system leaders? Leading Educators’ new action guide Teaching for Equity calls out school and system-level … Continued

A New Year for Joy and Possibility

Wherever you are this holiday season, we hope you feel safe and connected to those you hold dear even if they are far away. This year has been incredibly tough. It has called on all of us—as people in the fight for greater equity in our schools and in our world—to lean into our values … Continued

How Should Nonprofits Support Schools Right Now?

Despite the chaos in the world, there’s a sense of calm in the air. I’m talking with Amy Rome, who recently left her role as Leading Educators president after five transformative years, although she is continuing to serve Chicago students and schools in new ways. While at LE, Amy led a national network of partnerships … Continued

What is Impact?

Introducing Laura Meili, Chief of Impact at LE Recently, Leading Educators announced that Laura Meili will step into the role of Chief Impact Officer, a shift that will put greater focus on supporting partners to understand what’s changing in their schools in complex ways. This move comes at a critical time for the education community … Continued

We All Need Someone to Believe in Us

Meet LaKimbre Brown, Chief of Networks Dr. LaKimbre Brown recently joined Leading Educators as the new Chief of Networks. Throughout her 22-year education career, she has made equity, fairness, and belonging for students her personal mission. In this conversation, she shares about the experiences that have shaped her leadership and her vision. Adan Garcia: Let’s … Continued

Leading and Learning from a Distance

In Conversation with Morris Jeff Community School Leading up to March 16, 2020, there were whispers that New Orleans Parish Public Schools might have to close. The leaders at Morris Jeff Community School began to build a distance learning plan. Within the week, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards issued a directive for all schools to … Continued

School Districts and the Road to Equity

How Districts Can Overcome Opportunity Gaps Once and For All The screen read: “a2 + b2 = c2” Twenty seventh-grade students, seated in rows in this Tulsa classroom, were silently working from an old textbook. Their teacher, illuminated by an overhead projector, looked on. For about thirty minutes, I heard only the soft scratching of … Continued

Lessons from Louisiana: Collaborative Planning that Works

Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can also be used to empower, and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken dignity.” When I begin to work with a new group of leading educators, this quote from Chimamanda … Continued

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