Rethinking Secondary Literacy Professional Learning

Part 3: Bringing the Science of Reading to Life in Secondary Literacy Professional Learning This blog is the third part in a series on giving secondary students access to the science of reading. Read part one and part two. When teachers learn, students learn. That’s why Leading Educators is exploring how to bring the science … Continued

How Literacy Affects Secondary Students’ Success

Part 2: Challenges & Solutions This blog is the second part in an ongoing series on giving secondary students access to the science of reading. Read part one. More than 50 years of flawed science guiding reading instruction in our K-12 schools have created challenges for secondary students that can seem insurmountable. Why Reading Matters … Continued

Using Reading Science to Support Secondary Students

Part 1: Imagine What’s Possible Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.” There is a densely packed class of 10th graders in a large, urban high school in Southeast Michigan intently studying words like this in their linguistics course each day. They learn how morphology unlocks meaning in complex words. They practice decoding long words – and shorter ones, too. They … Continued

What should districts do next about the science of reading?

Moving from Conversation to Systemic Action A seismic shift has been underway in education—one that has the potential to reshape the way we teach children the fundamental skill of reading. The science of reading movement is gaining momentum across the United States, challenging traditional approaches to reading instruction and sparking a nationwide conversation on evidence-based … Continued

Are My Students Engaged? How to Self-Assess Virtual Participation in ELA

“I’m teaching, but are my students engaged and participating in a meaningful way?”  This question has always mattered, but remote instruction can make it more challenging to answer now. Some students are not regularly on screen for various reasons. Other students readily chime in on the chat but disappear during small group break out discussions. … Continued

Using Elaboration to Help Students Draw from Experiences

Elaboration is Expanding Upon Ideas to Make Connections [Students] see some of those same [math concepts] happening in their music classes. So, they are able to relate what I’m doing in my class to other classes, and it clicks so much more,” says Ms. Tatiyana Webb, a math teacher at Soulsville Charter School in Shelby … Continued

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