Oakland Unified School District: Expanding the Right To Read

It’s my mission to ensure all OUSD students receive a strong reading foundation, starting with our youngest students. The literacy gap is rooted in racism, segregation, and the fundamental belief that some students simply cannot achieve. It demands a systemic solution.” –Kyla Johnson-Trammell, Oakland Unified School District Superintendent Reading is the foundation of all learning. … Continued

Are My Students Engaged? How to Self-Assess Virtual Participation in ELA

“I’m teaching, but are my students engaged and participating in a meaningful way?”  This question has always mattered, but remote instruction can make it more challenging to answer now. Some students are not regularly on screen for various reasons. Other students readily chime in on the chat but disappear during small group break out discussions. … Continued

Using Elaboration to Help Students Draw from Experiences

Elaboration is Expanding Upon Ideas to Make Connections [Students] see some of those same [math concepts] happening in their music classes. So, they are able to relate what I’m doing in my class to other classes, and it clicks so much more,” says Ms. Tatiyana Webb, a math teacher at Soulsville Charter School in Shelby … Continued

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