For Students to Succeed, Put High-Quality Curriculum in Teachers’ Hands

Without guidance on classroom materials or effective professional development, teachers may give students classwork not appropriate for their grade This story was produced by The 74, a non-profit, independent news organization focused on education in America. The recent National Assessment of Educational Progress results brought news that educators and families alike were dreading: Math and reading scores for … Continued

Supercharge Your Professional Learning Strategy

A Recap of Rivet Education’s Professional Learning Power Hour It’s no secret that the pandemic disrupted student learning, and many school system leaders are grappling with how to rebound. But one of the most promising solutions is getting little attention: curriculum-based professional learning. Recently, four members of our team joined Jennifer Wells from Rivet Education … Continued

Promising Insights about Teacher Professional Development

Commentary on Leading Educators’ study of long-term Impact School districts nationwide invest 3-5 percent of their budgets each year in developing their educators. Yet, professional development programs often fail to improve teachers’ instructional practice or student achievement (Kraft et al., 2018). In the 2016-17 school year, U.S. spending on public elementary and secondary schools totaled … Continued

Keeping Learning on Track Amid Shutdowns

How Leading Educators Supported Chicago Public Schools During Pandemic Teaching This case study originally appeared in the 2021 Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Annual Report. We have re-published it as originally written with the foundation’s permission. Photography by Roark Johnson. A Chicago teacher of third-grade math saw her students struggling with multiplication. “There was this refrain: … Continued

The Hidden Potential of Virtual Teacher Collaboration

This piece was originally written for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s What We’re Learning blog. You can find the original link here. “When the crisis struck in March, we immediately thought: ‘Will we need to tap the brakes?’” Brielle Brewick, an Associate Director of Networks at Leading Educators, reflects. “We thought there would be … Continued

Putting Professional Learning Models to Work

An Excerpt From “The Elements” This essay is an excerpt from The Elements: Transforming Teaching through Curriculum-Based Professional Learning, a challenge paper that explores how professional learning anchored in high-quality curriculum materials allows teachers to experience the instruction their students will receive and change their instructional practices, leading to better student outcomes. Cowritten with Stephanie … Continued

4 Principles for Inclusive Virtual Learning

Many educators are currently planning and leading virtual learning for the first time. It can feel like a big adjustment. Similar to the way that teachers are having to adapt their lessons for remote instruction, school systems are grappling with how to provide professional learning for teachers. We know that when teachers learn, students learn, … Continued

What Makes Professional Learning Actually Work for Teachers?

Principles for High-Quality, Standards-Aligned Professional Learning Across the country, we’re seeing a promising shift in professional learning that is getting sustainable results at a large scale. When teachers have strong support to work together on lessons that inspire and excite students, schools become more equitable. So, what’s the difference between traditional “PD”—widely seen as a … Continued

Lessons from Louisiana: Collaborative Planning that Works

Sara Neal is a Senior Director at Leading Educators. She has supported dozens of Louisiana schools to establish strong leadership and professional development systems since 2014. Sara has been an educator for more than 20 years, and she was a member of Leading Educators’ first cohort. “Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess … Continued

Not One-Size-Fits-All

Lessons Learned From Tulsa Schools It is often said that school systems get the results they are designed to produce. Education leaders know that they need to enable key shifts in teaching and learning to make equity the reality for every student, but it can be challenging to know where to start. Our partners at … Continued