Katie Murphy

Katie is an academic strategist and problem solver who leads the teams working in partnership with schools in Louisiana and Atlanta.

David Sigler

David works to establish strong partnerships with state departments of education, school districts, and networks of schools.

Kim Andrews

Kim is an educator and former district program leader who leads the teams working in partnership with Tulsa Public Schools and Charleston County School District.

Maggie Slye

Maggie leads teams that serve Baltimore City Public Schools, Oakland Unified School District, and the Kentucky Department of Education.

Rashida Tyler

Rashida Tyler is responsible for leading an amazing team, passionate about improving professional learning systems in school systems across the country.

Rebecca Taylor-Perryman

Rebecca leads the design of the overall evaluation strategy and focuses on measurement of instructional knowledge and practice.

Jernell Alexander

Jernell is responsible for fiscal operations, control, and administration. She brings over 18 years of non-profit financial management experience.

Marques Celestine

Marques is a connector of people with a fervent commitment to equity and helping others use their talents to lead mission-driven work.