Albert Kim

Albert leads the Program Strategy team’s innovation and cross-team systems work in close collaboration with projects, networks, and the Data and Evaluation team.

David Sigler

David works to establish strong partnerships with state departments of education, school districts, and networks of schools.

Adan Garcia

Adan is a communications and public policy strategist who is driven to elevate educator and student voices in social change.

Alexandra Magiera

Alex is a committed early education advocate, leader, and constant learner, driven by our youngest learners who are our future.

Antoinette Melvin

Antoinette Melvin leads strategy for Leading Educators’ support and innovation around ELA instruction.

Lauren Mulcahy

Lauren oversees partnerships with schools, districts, states, and organizations, and builds upon new opportunities for partnership around the country.

Kelley Allenspach Ruyle

Kelley is responsible for the execution of New Orleans-based programming, including project management, event planning, communications, and data management.

Sandra Jin

Sandra is a former and forever teacher who designs ELA professional learning content for our partnership in Yakima, WA.

Kami McDonald

Kami McDonald is a dedicated advocate for equitable instruction to students in every classroom.

Tony Barrett

Tony has a passion for uplifting and empowering youth and those who work within community through life changing experiences.

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