Dr. Sarah Heaton

Sarah Heaton leads Leading Educators’ partnerships in Tulsa, Charleston, and Richmond.

Katie Murphy

Katie is an academic strategist and problem solver who leads the teams working in partnership with schools in Louisiana and Atlanta.

David Sigler

David works to establish strong partnerships with state departments of education, school districts, and networks of schools.

Michelle Brown

Michelle is a lifelong teacher. She leads professional learning design, systems strategy, and coaching support for educators in Detroit.

Mary Kay Murphy

Mary Kay is a passionate Michigan educator who leads program implementation and growth in Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Monique Wright

Monique leads our partnership with Los Angeles Unified School District.

Lauren Mulcahy

Lauren oversees partnerships with schools, districts, states, and organizations, and builds upon new opportunities for partnership around the country.

Sara Neal

Sara is a lifelong learner and educator who manages client partnerships, programming, and development for Atlanta and Louisiana schools.

Ginny James

Ginny supports leaders in Los Angeles schools to implement Illustrative Mathematics through professional learning content, co-planning, observation and feedback cycles, and analyzing student work.