Jernell Alexander

Jernell is responsible for fiscal operations, control, and administration. She brings over 18 years of non-profit financial management experience.

Marques Celestine

Marques is a connector of people with a fervent commitment to equity and helping others use their talents to lead mission-driven work.

Saya Powell

Saya is a people person who supports internal communications structures, organization retreat planning, and manager development.

Yaa Hargrove

Yaa is a finance professional with an affinity for mission oriented work. She works with the finance team focused on financial reporting and recievables.

Lisa Thomas

Lisa is committed to dismantling systems of oppression so that all children can thrive in schools. She leads hiring and onboarding efforts.

Ty Despenza

Ty works in technology and operations developing onboarding, systems and technology training, and supporting virtual staff.

Alexandra Dakin

Alexandra is a problem solver and systems builder who is inspired by what’s possible when smart people come together to solve complex problems.