Olivia Bertucci

Olivia is a content specialist and coach fueled by the belief that literacy is a basic human right. She supports instructional leaders in Baltimore by leading ELA professional learning experiences and coaching.

Ginny James

Ginny supports leaders in Los Angeles schools to implement Illustrative Mathematics through professional learning content, co-planning, observation and feedback cycles, and analyzing student work.

Cristle Moorer

Cristle is a Director of Content & Coaching in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

George Werres

George Werres is an instructional leadership coach for educators in our Louisiana partnerships who specializes in math.

Tori McGowan

Tori supports school leaders and teachers in their professional development aiming to provide students with equitable standards-based math instruction.

Tina De La Fe

Tina facilitates workshops, designs content, and leads observations and coaching with educators in Greater Grands Rapids.

Nicholas Cains

Nick is a human catalyst who coaches teacher leaders and supports Tulsa Public Schools as a Director of Content and Coaching.

Britney Wray

Britney Wray is a former Washington, D.C.-based teachers and school leader who leads design of Secondary Math content for our Detroit partnership.

LeAnita Garner

LeAnita is a partner to educators to make schools more equitable. She builds teacher capacity and understanding of instructional practices in Chicago.

Kristine Schipper

Kristine is a passionate educator who supports several schools in the Greater Grand Rapids areas as an instructional leadership coach.