mural honoring george floyd

Honoring George Floyd with Action


Written by Leading Educators

Honoring George Floyd with Action

The Fight for Justice Marches On

“Anti-black racism is in the culture. It’s in our laws, in our advertisements, in our friendships, in our segregated cities, in our schools, in our Congress, in our scientific experiments, in our language, on the Internet, in our bodies no matter our race, in our communities, and, perhaps, most devastatingly, in our justice system.” 

-Claudia Rankine

George Floyd’s life was taken on May 25, 2020 in an act of police brutality that reflects a system of deeply entrenched racism that has harmed countless Black lives. Soon after, his tragic death awoke a movement for justice and anti-racism that roars on today in communities across this country and the world.

Today, a jury has convicted former police officer Derek Chauvin on the charges of second and third-degree murder after a difficult trial. This verdict does not repair the wounds caused by Mr. Chauvin’s actions, and it is not an indication that our institutions have reached the precipice of justice. Rather, our journey toward a fully just, equitable, and inclusive society continues, and our nation’s schools remain to be critical ground for building the better world we imagine.

Today, we honor George Floyd’s life and we will continue to pursue justice in our actions. We offer our fullest support to the millions of people who have taken to the streets for this righteous cause, to George Floyd’s survivors, and to the people of Minneapolis.

Black lives matter: today, yesterday, always.

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