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What Comes Next for Teaching?


Written by Leading Educators

What Comes Next for Teaching?

It’s Time to dream big.

Great teachers unlock worlds of possibility. That’s why we have spent the past decade helping teachers and leaders build on their strengths and grow into the leading educators that every student deserves.

This year, our mission enters a new chapter as passionate educators across the country show what’s possible.

As we mark our 10-year anniversary this fall, we invite you to join us for a year of reimagining.

Imagine schools where every student has the opportunity to thrive. Imagine classrooms where everyone feels welcomed, challenged, and celebrated every day. Imagine schools filled with teachers who have the support they need to excel at their craft, the bravery and skill to disrupt oppression, and fair recognition for the value they bring to our communities. 

Build on Strengths

We already have schools full of incredibly innovative, resourceful, and imaginative educators. They just need better support. Learning standards have risen significantly to prepare all students for a changing world, but the methods for teachers to strengthen their teaching have not kept pace. This dynamic has created staggering—but fixable—opportunity gaps that require systemic change beyond the actions a single teacher can take alone.

That’s where Leading Educators comes in, acting as the link between research and daily practice so teachers across entire school districts have the support to become a “leading educator” and more students experience the influence of “leading educators” every day. We’re seeing what’s possible in dozens of communities across the country when people come together around a common purpose, invest in great teaching, and build systems and mindsets that prioritize equity.

address inEquity at the root

Without focusing on what happens in classrooms each day, the root causes of inequity and its influence on young people’s lives will be intractable. 

The world is changing rapidly, and we want all young people to be ready for the future they imagine. Many students have experienced trauma from the challenges of this past year. Others continue to face harm from unfair barriers in the system.

Now is our chance to work together to make sure there’s a great place in a new American story for all of our young people. They are innately brilliant, special, and capable of their wildest dreams – our schools must support them to live into their whole selves.

Now is our moment to reimagine teaching and ignite potential for the next generation. We hope you’ll join us on this journey to put our wildest dreams and radical joy into motion.

join others in community

  • This year, we’ll be holding a series of spaces for dreaming and planning together. We’ll reflect on the movements that have led to the present moment. We’ll also hear from each other about our hopes for the fair opportunities and experiences we imagine for students.
  • As we define a path forward, we want to hear from you! Use the widget below to record a short video about your hopes for the future.

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