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A Day in the Life with Chong-Hao Fu

A new article on NP GO, a website from New Profit that features grantee stories and dialogues about breakthroughs in social innovation, profiles a day in the life of Leading Educators CEO Chong-Hao Fu.

Authors Sarah Duarte and Delanoe Johnson joined Chong-Hao for a visit to the Leading Educators headquarters and a programming event in New Orleans last December. Since then, much about the world has changed. The article reflects on how our four core values – prioritize people, disrupt racial inequity, build on strengths, continuously learn – relate to the kind of partnerships that are needed to navigate COVID-19 recovery together. Throughout, you’ll hear soundbites from conversations that took place as the visit progressed.

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Chong-Hao Fu talking in front of a car while wearing a backpack