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Teaching for Equity

A New Framework for Teachers

Teaching for equity can bring all students closer to the future they imagine for themselves. That’s why we’ve taken this moment of crisis to reimagine how our education system can build on the brilliance of teachers–not replace it–to better serve the students furthest from opportunity.

Teaching for Equity is an integrated vision designed to guide you to reflect on your teaching, to support whole students, and to live out your commitments to anti-racism.

Vision at a Glance

Teaching for Equity is more than a framework. It’s an action guide that translates complex research into teacher beliefs, practices, and resources.

The beliefs in the three classroom strands offer a cohesive vision of educational opportunity and the teacher mindsets that support it. These connect to a menu of practices that suggest daily action. In addition to the work inside of classrooms, we acknowledge that no one teacher can do this work alone. Teachers also need resources, both personally and systemically. Therefore, the classroom strands build upon two resource strands.

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