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United to Move America Forward

Adan Garcia, Associate Director of Communications
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Policy playbook provides actionable ideas from more than 100 innovators

January 22, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC –  Today, Leading Educators joined more than 100 social innovators to release United to Move America Forward, a policy playbook to shape efforts that enable equity and opportunity in the United States.

United to Move America Forward provides 175 pages of policy ideas for candidates and policymakers at all levels of government to take actions that increase opportunity, advance equity, and achieve sustainable change in America. Leading Educators, an equity-focused professional development partner to school systems in nine cities, champions strengthening teaching quality so students of color and students from low-income households are more likely to be prepared for college and career.  The playbook states:

“[Leading Educators] helps education leaders build sustainable environments where teachers and students thrive, providing the time for teachers to lead and learn, the tools they need to teach every student to high levels, and support to focus on the initiatives that matter most. The program challenges educators to identify and work through implicit biases that shape expectations for students’ abilities, so teachers can create classrooms where every student has an equal opportunity to learn and grow. Leading Educators helps educators to use what they’ve learned to lead regular school-based planning and practice, both through direct facilitation and modeling strong, grade-appropriate teaching for peers. Each partnership is customized to the specific strength of the district and its schools, drawing from evidence-based teaching and professional learning methods.”

America Forward, who leads the coalition, hopes that the insights, lived experiences of community members, and proposals presented in the book offer a blueprint for policymakers to transform local results into lasting national impact.

Leading Educators currently reaches 48,479 students in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oakland, and Tulsa.



Leading Educators is reinventing professional development for teachers, igniting the potential for exponential impact in schools and across districts.  We partner with states, districts, and public charter networks to design curriculum-based learning and support structures that create the conditions for continuous improvements in teaching across their schools–helping teachers reach more equitable student outcomes every day.

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