Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership Competency Framework

Leading Educators believes that with the proper leadership roles and skills, teacher leaders can dramatically impact their team’s effectiveness and their students’ academic achievement. The Teacher Leader Competency Framework represents our distillation of the core behaviors that result in strong teacher leaders. With proper support, all of these competencies are both learnable and teachable.

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The development of teacher leaders does not occur without intentional support. Teacher leaders in schools are often chosen based on strong results with students. Success with students, though, is not sufficient preparation for leading adults. Without adequate preparation and support, teacher leaders may become frustrated and come to believe that progress with adults is beyond their grasp. To guide development, the Teacher Leadership Competency Framework articulates the components necessary for effective teacher leadership. Each competency is broken down into essential behaviors that, when combined, provide targets for teacher leaders to extend their impact on their team and on students.

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