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To bring our new Teaching for Equity action guide to life, we hosted a three-part series of Teaching for Equity webinars about the major components: student outcomes, classroom practices, and support from school and system leaders. Dive into these rich conversations, and think about how you can build on your own strengths.

The Series

Part I: Students Speak

Teaching is a relationship with students. When we see school and the world through students’ eyes, we not only grow our perspective but also open doors to meeting their hopes, strengths, and needs in our practice. That means we must actively listen to student voice.

Student activists Dyllyn, Tia, Madison, and Naima join us for an open conversation about their hopes, experiences in schools, and desires to learn more about identity in community with others.


Part II: How We Can Teach for Equity

Part of why we developed Teaching for Equity was to avoid the idea of false choices. Academics, well-being, and anti-racism are equally important parts of learning that prepares all students for the future they imagine. So where should teachers get started?

In this webinar, we dig more deeply into the three classroom strands: beliefs, practices, and content specific strategies teachers can use to plan and teacher in integrated ways. Our colleagues Nefertari Nkenge and Sara Neal speak to common problems of practices they have seen emerge in their work.

Part III: Together for Equity

Equity is too big for one teacher or even a group of teachers to reach on their own: we all must work together. System leaders in particular play a special role. They set the tone for the direction of their schools’ work and control critical resources.

We’re joined by LE partners Jackie Haynes (Charleston County School District), Janise Lane (Baltimore City Public Schools), Yesenia Sánchez (North Chicago CUSD 187), and Tom Shepley (FirstLine Schools) for a dialogue about the opportunities they have seen in their decades of teaching and leading. They discuss personal identity, responding to the pandemic, and planning for transformation.

Continue to visit our action center for ways to stay involved.

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