The Path to Equity

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When D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) and Leading Educators launched LEAP (LEarning together to Advance our Practice) in 2016, many saw the potential for a groundbreaking teaching and learning evolution. More than three years later, “The Path to Instructional Excellence and Equitable Outcomes,” a new report from Learning Forward, shares lessons learned from instruction-focused investments that have paid off for students and teachers.

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  • Learning cycles focused on quality instructional materials and high expectations for students improve how teachers teach.

  • Bringing to life a strong instructional vision that centers high-quality curricula and equity is complex and requires intensive support for educators.

  • Collaboration with external support providers can accelerate alignment of an instructional vision throughout a system.

  • A plan for intentional scaling and intentional development of leaders throughout a system is essential for success.

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“LEAP is really professional development 2.0. It’s drilling down to: What are the needs of the teacher? How can I grow this teacher professionally at this school, with this clientele of students, in order to make a change in student achievement? That’s the thing that I love the most. I’m progress monitoring teachers every week, and I’m adjusting and adapting based on the needs of my teachers and the students that we serve in my building.”
Marian Wilkins