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Distance Learning

Virtual Teacher Support

For leaders who are overseeing the transition to distance learning, PD resources and scaffolds for support are more important than ever. How might they continue to support their staff from afar?

In this webinar, Jennie Magiera, Google’s Global Head of Education Impact, and leaders from Leading Educators discuss strategies and best practices for planning, development, and delivery of virtual professional development that works.

What You Can Expect

Session Overview

Who is this webinar for?

Principals, instructional leaders, and teaching teams who are transitioning to distance learning for students and/or teachers. 

How does virtual professional learning differ from learning that happens in person?

Maybe not as much as you think! The goals and components of strong learning are largely the same regardless of format. We hope we can help you draw from your strengths and build on what is already working. Based on the research and our own experiences, we’ve identified four principles for inclusive virtual learning

  1. Content is grounded in context and students’ needs
  2. Outcomes spark changes in practice and assessments reveal progress
  3. Experiences invite learners to take ownership
  4. Identities and strengths are included and affirmed

This webinar will give you four concrete practices to use in your design and facilitation.

What will I take away from this session?

As a result of this session, you will:

  • Know: 4 principles for inclusive virtual learning 
  • Know: 3 ways to support virtual design/facilitation
  • Bonus! Do: Try one idea in practice!

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​For centuries, educators have experimented with different learning tools, techniques, curricula, and strategies to help students learn. Not all of them are backed by research.

That’s why Leading Educators partnered with the Learning Agency to get the science of learning into the hands of teachers. We share six strategies as well as videos of real educators using them in practice.

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