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Guess Less, Achieve More.

Build Support That Scales.

Learning is a process and an active practice—not a destination that can be met with a few workshops.

No two school systems are the same, but they can all become dynamic learning organizations where all students and adults are set up to achieve greatly together. We draw from our expertise as career educators, coaches, and designers to help educators practice what they teach and plan for the future.

Effective professional learning must be active, ongoing, and focused. But that's not the norm.

We offer a research-backed model that gets Results.

We’re working to disrupt yesterday’s one-and-done professional development workshops with relevant, job-embedded systems of professional learning. Research shows that effective professional learning uses curriculum as both a lever and a guide, helping link teachers’ actions and ideas to new standards in a concrete, focused way. Done right, it can close the gap between the experiences we provide for teachers and those we want them to provide for students.

Working with leaders at all levels of the school system, we design ongoing professional learning cycles built around priority standards that build educators’ expertise and confidence in using high-quality instructional materials.

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Teachers collaborate weekly to address grade-level standards and diverse needs in their lessons, so every day in the classroom helps every student get ahead. At the same time, we work with leaders to establish supportive school and system-level conditions that enable strong instruction to take hold.

School-Based Learning

School-based content cycles help teachers build deep content knowledge together, apply that knowledge by co-planning and practicing upcoming lessons with peers, and receive feedback before lessons make it in front of students. We take the curriculum teachers are using every day and design sessions that build on key growth areas over time. 

The Process

Cycles cover a primary topic in four subtopics that follow a 3-week pattern. The goal is to focus narrowly and go deep. Leading Educators designs custom cycles that respond to partners’ content priorities, their high-quality curricula, and priority grades(ex: K-2, 3-5, 6-12). Working with their leadership coach or other programmatic staff to make adjustments, school-based instructional leaders facilitate cycles within their school.

Sample content cycle sequence


Unlike typical professional development, our approach takes context, culture, and resources necessary for lasting change into account. As we partner, we use an evidence-based development continuum to assess six conditions that are key to strong professional learning systems and set goals.

We'll Help You Make Your Best Even Better.

Some school systems already have strong leadership models, and some are just getting started. We’re experienced in supporting both. We draw from evidence-based methods that have worked in the world’s most effective education systems to help educators take on more instructional leadership and put teacher support where it matters most. That’s leadership that makes a difference.

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Build for Lasting Impact

By building on strengths and bolstering the conditions for educators to succeed, we ensure that transformational leadership, practices, and results endure without us.

When our support takes root, teachers no longer feel alone. Instead, they can count on regular opportunities—within the school day—to apply new learning, practice in a safe space, and make thoughtful adjustments for diverse learning needs. Educators at every level of the school system gain a shared understanding of behaviors and practices that promote fair opportunity and get real results.

You know more and better is possible for every student. We’ll help you do it.

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gain the time to build confidence with content and strategies that work for students.

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School Leaders

gain more capacity to support and develop teachers who have different strengths—especially in terms of providing feedback and advice about their instruction.

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School Systems

can more consistently provide strong teaching in every classroom in every school while making the teaching profession more sustainable and fulfilling for their educators.

See it in Action

From coast to coast, we have supported diverse school systems in more than 20 cities to reach their most important goals for students and families. These case studies share how systemic professional learning took shape in a specific context and the learning we’re carrying forward.

Case Studies
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Take Your Next Step.

Could you benefit from curriculum-based professional learning support? Get in touch with us!

We look forward to learning more about your strengths, hopes, and opportunities to prove what is possible for all students in your community.

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