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Louisiana Partnerships

Building on Strengths

Louisiana is an incredibly unique context. For more than a decade, it has been at the epicenter of both tremendous innovation and significant disruption in U.S. education.

One-size-fits all solutions are not likely to get your school system where you want to be, so we offer customized capacity-building strategies to build on the strengths of your teaching team and school community with equity at the center.

Where it all Started

Louisiana is at the heart of the Leading Educators story

a teacher talks to a studentLeading Educators started from a belief in the potential for leadership to change students’ lives.  Schools were–and still are–looking for solutions to disrupt opportunity gaps that put students of color at a disadvantage.

New Orleans was facing an overhaul of the education system that magnified challenges to ensuring consistent, quality learning for all students in a highly decentralized school landscape. So, we launched a Louisiana pilot program in 2008 to develop teacher leadership and equip experienced teachers to support their peers’ growth amid rapid change.

Our Work Today

Since then, our model has evolved to provide customized, instructional improvement support and custom professional learning design to a network of single- and multi-site charter management organizations (CMOs). Leading Educators is uniquely prepared to support state-wide efforts to implement Tier 1 curricula and aligned collaborative planning time. Using an inquiry-based model, LE supports instructional leaders to plan and facilitate weekly or biweekly collaborative planning in schools to expand opportunity for students.

See an Example
Leading EducatorsLeading Educators
"Through our work with Leading Educators, we’ve built a lot of knowledge about how all students need access to Tier 1 curriculum and how we need to provide the appropriate support. All students need access to that curriculum (we’re using the Wit and Wisdom curriculum). We’ve been able to figure out and design our lessons so that they are equitable for all of our students."
Michelle Nusinov, 6th Grade Math Teacher

How Can We Support You?

Leading Educators supports the Louisiana Department of Education Tier 1 curriculum initiative and offers partnerships aligned to the Strong Start Professional Development Categories-Virtual Offerings.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can support your schools’ goals.

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