Putting Professional Learning Models to Work

This essay is an excerpt from The Elements: Transforming Teaching through Curriculum-Based Professional Learning, a challenge paper that explores how professional learning anchored in high-quality curriculum materials allows teachers to experience the instruction their students will receive and change their instructional practices, leading to better student outcomes. Cowritten with Stephanie Hirsh, former executive director of … Continued

Equity is on the Ballot

On November 3, we face a critical juncture in our journey toward a more equitable future. After a year of deeply felt hardship, devastating and preventable loss—and so many moments that have required us to reflect on what and whom we value—millions of Americans will exercise their right to vote. As you consider the choices … Continued

It’s easy to mistake engagement for learning. Here’s how I learned the difference.

A classroom observation changed my life. “It’s easy to mistake engagement for learning. Here’s how I learned the difference.” was originally published by Chalkbeat, a nonprofit news organization covering public education. Sign up for their newsletters here: ckbe.at/newsletters. As a middle school social studies teacher, I took a lot of pride in coming up with … Continued

Protect Learning with Better Teacher Coaching

Teacher leaders, mentor teachers, content leaders, and instructional coaches have a special place in our schools. They’re the glue between passion and practice, helping teachers with unique strengths make a measurable impact on student learning. But what distinguishes the most impactful coaching?  Strong coaching comes down to finding that special connection between passion and strategy. … Continued

How Should Nonprofits Support Schools Right Now?

Despite the chaos in the world, there’s a sense of calm in the air. I’m talking with Amy Rome, who recently left her role as Leading Educators president after five transformative years, although she is continuing to serve Chicago students and schools in new ways. While at LE, Amy led a national network of partnerships … Continued

This is Our Moment for Integrated Schools

Editor’s Note: Over the next year, we’ll be talking to program alumni, our partners, community members, and education leaders about equity and anti-racism in action. Our hope is to highlight diverse ideas and perspectives that build towards a comprehensive vision for educational equity. This interview has been condensed and edited. FACING HARD TRUTHS Nearly a … Continued

Students of Color Can’t Wait on Us

“There is no ‘not racist’. We are either racist or anti-racist and we don’t need to mince words about that for our district”.  The superintendent’s statement quieted the room as we took in the gravity of his charge. Our team and school district leaders in Kent County, Michigan had gathered to collaborate on goals for … Continued

What is Impact?

Recently, Leading Educators announced that Laura Meili will step into the role of Chief Impact Officer, a shift that will put greater focus on supporting partners to understand what’s changing in their schools in complex ways. This move comes at a critical time for the education community as school systems respond to the dual threats … Continued

We All Need Someone to Believe in Us

Meet LaKimbre Brown, Chief of Networks Dr. LaKimbre Brown recently joined Leading Educators as the new Chief of Networks. Throughout her 22-year education career, she has made equity, fairness, and belonging for students her personal mission. In this conversation, she shares about the experiences that have shaped her leadership and her vision. Adan Garcia: Let’s … Continued

Leading and Learning from a Distance

In Conversation with Morris Jeff Community School Leading up to March 16, 2020, there were whispers that New Orleans Parish Public Schools might have to close. The leaders at Morris Jeff Community School began to build a distance learning plan. Within the week, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards issued a directive for all schools to … Continued