How Baltimore City Public Schools is Reshaping Mathematics

Q&A with Kerry Steinbrenner, Director of Mathematics The partnership that we’ve had with Leading Educators has not only had an impact on our math leads and folks in our schools but also on our district office team, bringing a level of learning, structure, and systems that we didn’t have before and that we would not … Continued

How aligned roles and responsibilities can improve teaching

Go further faster— together Aligned roles and responsibilities are crucial to success in a complex and ever-evolving organization like a school system. As an African proverb suggests, if we want to go far, we must go together. The same holds true for school districts. Alignment in roles and responsibilities empowers everyone, from teachers to administrators, … Continued

Teachers Make the Future. Let’s Help Them Thrive.

Recognizing Teacher Appreciation Week Students don’t just deserve excellent educators—they depend on them. Teachers are the most consequential factor in a student’s school journey, and their job has never been more complex. As artificial intelligence, global workforce shifts, and new societal challenges reshape our world, it’s critical that we collectively recognize the important role teachers … Continued

What’s on the Horizon for AI in Education?

Innovations in AI for educators and its role today With the emergence of artificial intelligence, global workforce shifts, and new social challenges, what will the future demand of our education systems? That question was at the heart of the 2024 ASU+GSV Summit, an annual gathering of PreK-12 leaders, higher education, workforce experts, not-for-profit organizations and … Continued

Rethinking Secondary Literacy Professional Learning

Part 3: Bringing the Science of Reading to Life in Secondary Literacy Professional Learning This blog is the third part in a series on giving secondary students access to the science of reading. Read part one and part two. When teachers learn, students learn. That’s why Leading Educators is exploring how to bring the science … Continued

How Literacy Affects Secondary Students’ Success

Part 2: Challenges & Solutions This blog is the second part of an ongoing series on giving secondary students access to the science of reading. Read part one. More than 50 years of flawed science guiding reading instruction in our K-12 schools have created challenges for secondary students that can seem insurmountable. Why Reading Matters … Continued

Using Reading Science to Support Secondary Students

Part 1: Imagine What’s Possible Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.” There is a densely packed class of 10th graders in a large, urban high school in Southeast Michigan intently studying words like this in their linguistics course each day. They learn how morphology unlocks meaning in complex words. They practice decoding long words – and shorter ones, too. They … Continued

Preparing School Leaders to Succeed in a “New Normal”

Instructional Leadership Matters For many potential school leaders, the preparation experience is like swimming in the shallow end of the pool. It’s a lot of learning and applying transactional skills around school budgeting, school law, and instructional observations. But the role of an effective school leader demands so much more. In reality, these leaders will … Continued

How can data support work toward instructional priorities?

Data-driven practice helps teachers make their best even better Change is constant in an environment as complex as a school system, and focus matters. But the question remains: How do you ensure that your practices are not just based on intuition but rooted in thoughtful sourcing of internal and external data for research for lasting … Continued

Take 5: Q&A With Strategist Bekki Sarradet

Take Five is a quick-hit series highlighting the people behind Leading Educators’ mission, shining a light on the experiences they bring to our partnerships with school systems. Learn how Leading Educators can help you go further faster.  Meet Bekki Sarradet Meet Bekki Sarradet, Senior Director of Network Support at Leading Educators. As part of the … Continued

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