Diverse Texts: Are We “Leveraging” Them or Squandering Them?

Making the case for diverse, complex texts This piece was originally published by Achieve the Core as part of their Peers and Pedagogy blog. Tina De La Fe is a Director of Content and Coaching at Leading Educators where she supports educators in West Michigan to advance equitable opportunity in the classroom. As an instructional … Continued

For Students to Succeed, Put High-Quality Curriculum in Teachers’ Hands

Without guidance on classroom materials or effective professional development, teachers may give students classwork not appropriate for their grade This story was produced by The 74, a non-profit, independent news organization focused on education in America. The recent National Assessment of Educational Progress results brought news that educators and families alike were dreading: Math and reading scores for … Continued

Supercharge Your Professional Learning Strategy

A Recap of Rivet Education’s Professional Learning Power Hour It’s no secret that the pandemic disrupted student learning, and many school system leaders are grappling with how to rebound. But one of the most promising solutions is getting little attention: curriculum-based professional learning. Recently, four members of our team joined Jennifer Wells from Rivet Education … Continued

Promising Insights about Teacher Professional Development

Commentary on Leading Educators’ study of long-term Impact School districts nationwide invest 3-5 percent of their budgets each year in developing their educators. Yet, professional development programs often fail to improve teachers’ instructional practice or student achievement (Kraft et al., 2018). In the 2016-17 school year, U.S. spending on public elementary and secondary schools totaled … Continued

Bring Leading Educators to SXSW EDU 2023

Vote in PanelPicker® by August 21 How do you imagine student success? What do you believe all students need—and deserve—to be ready for the world that awaits them? We’re excited to offer two proposals for the Equity & Justice track at next year’s SXSW EDU that explore these ideas, but we need your help to make them … Continued

What might SCOTUS decisions mean for fair and just education?

Democracy Depends on Education The top of every summer brings two guarantees: summer vacation and SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) rulings. The latest round of SCOTUS rulings, which cover a range of civil rights issues and questions about the powers of states and the federal government, are likely to affect the communities we … Continued

From Sharecropping to School: The Truth About Emancipation

Working to Live After Emancipation As I reflect on Juneteenth, our newest federal holiday, I can’t help but think of my mother. Though school didn’t teach me about that day in Galveston when my people gained their freedom, my mother made sure I learned about what followed.  My mother and her siblings grew up in … Continued

We Owe Our Kids Safe Schools

Reflecting on the Tragedy in Uvalde, TX Why haven’t we stopped this already? School should be a place where childhood happens. At its best, it’s where kids discover what excites them. It’s where they make friends and where they start to become their fullest selves. All of this depends on safety. But for too long, … Continued

“Our job is to help bring out the very best in people.”

Leading Educators CEO Chong-Hao Fu on the work ahead for U.S. education At this time of rapid change in the world, I spoke with Leading Educators CEO Chong-Hao Fu about what the near future holds for education and the profession of teaching. He reflects on the need for a richer vision of teaching, opportunities to … Continued

Celebrating Blackness Beyond Black History Month

LeAnita Garner describes herself in a few ways: learner, caring big sister, mother, wife, daughter of an educator, and a career educator herself. These facets are shaped and enhanced by the power she finds in her Blackness. With Black History Month already in the recent past, she hopes we can start to change the way … Continued