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Bring Leading Educators to SXSW EDU 2024!


Written by Leading Educators Editorial Team

Bring Leading Educators to SXSW EDU 2024!

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The future is changing rapidly, and it also promises students new opportunities not seen by past generations. What do you believe all students need—and deserve—to be ready for the world that awaits them?

These questions lie at the heart of our mission at Leading Educators, and we’re excited to share six proposals that explore these ideas at next year’s SXSW EDU.

SXSW EDU (pronounced South by Southwest E-D-U) is an annual event that fosters innovation and learning within the education industry. The four-day event brings together the learner, the practitioner, the entrepreneur, and the visionary to share their groundbreaking stories, tackle complex issues, and build reimagined paths forward.

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Get Wise About Student Feedback

Critical feedback encourages growth, but it can feel hard to receive for students and adults alike. That difficulty can be even more amplified for students with marginalized identities who might wonder if that feedback is a product of teacher bias rather than positive intent. Those worries can stand in the way of student success.

A career teacher developer and her former student, now a Chicago educator, will help you practice using the research-based wise feedback model to improve student-teacher relationships, student persistence, and student outcomes over time.


  • You’ll walk away with tested feedback practices to use with students and other adults.
  • You’ll learn how to improve the uptake of critical feedback and ways feedback can go wrong.
  • You’ll learn how to strengthen relationships between students and teachers for long-term growth.
  • Laura Meili, Chief Impact Officer
  • Daniel R. Jackson, Elementary educator and instructional leader in Chicago


How We Can Expand Access to the Science of Reading

While there is national debate and growing consensus about the importance of the science of reading, there’s much less known about how to bring it to life at scale. What is necessary for shifting teacher knowledge and practice in the human, complex, and sometimes messy district ecosystem?

Drawing from lessons learned in Baltimore, this session will define practical entry points for systems change and expanding access to literacy for all students.


  • Learn why the science of reading matters and unpack the root causes of the literacy crisis in U.S. schools.
  • Reflect on Baltimore City Public Schools’ journey of addressing opportunity gaps and disparities in literacy with targeted professional learning and high-quality curricula.
  • Identify the next steps you can take in your sphere of influence to ensure all students have the opportunity to become strong 
  • Dr. Mitchell Brookins, Senior Director of Programming


Ctrl+Alt+Teach: Unlock the Power of Tech-Enabled Teaching

Have you ever wondered what the true value of tech-enabled teaching is? We have some answers! Join us alongside WestEd as we present five research-backed ways technology-enabled instructional practice yields positive learning outcomes.

Explore the VATT Framework, a powerful tool that measures and communicates the value-add of tech-enabled practices. Gain practical insights from real-world examples and see how teachers, schools, districts, and edtech companies can jointly unlock tech’s full potential in the classroom!


  • Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the key components involved in effective technology-enabled teaching, including the integration of instructional practices and edtech tools. This holistic approach will help them grasp the significance of aligning pedagogy with technology.
  • Participants will gain practical knowledge on how to use the VATT framework to assess and reflect on the effectiveness of technology integration. This understanding will equip them with evidence-based tools to enhance their edtech products and contribute to more impactful teaching and learning experiences.
  • Drawing from research and examples from practitioners in the field, the session will provide attendees with concrete case studies and real-world examples. These illustrations will offer valuable insights into successful technology integration practices and inspire participants to explore similar approaches in their own educational contexts.
  • Antoinette Melvin, Senior Director of Program Strategy at Leading Educators
  • Tracy Huebner, WestEd
  • Amy Scarbrough, ISTE-certified high school teacher in Logan County Schools


Uncovering History and Nurturing Black Identity with Biking

Every city is rich in the contributions of African Americans, but that history is unexplored. And when you think of a cyclist, who do you picture? Learn how a community of Black women is working to change perceptions of who bikes while visiting Civil Rights landmarks and exploring Black history through a tour of Austin on two wheels!

Explore how movement and community enhance lifelong learning, the connection between history and place, and understanding of self.


  • You’ll hear how Black cyclists are uncovering their history.
  • You’ll reflect on what it would take for you to investigate the greatness and contributions of Black Americans in your city.
  • Dr. LaKimbre Brown, Chief of Networks, Leading Educators


Let’s End Turnover and Make Teaching the Job Everyone Wants

Current and former teachers and non-profit leaders draw from decades of experience to solve the teacher turnover challenge—by reimagining the profession from the ground up.

Through data, case studies, and tales from the classroom, our panelists will describe what it takes to transform the teaching job into the dynamic, rewarding, collaborative, sustainable, and diverse profession we know it can be. You’ll hear about models for team teaching, career paths that don’t take you out of the classroom, meaningful professional learning, and proven strategies for sheltering and developing rookie teachers.


  • Data on teacher turnover (including why teachers are leaving the profession) and what you can do to change it
  • Strategies to shelter-and-develop rookie teachers and improve professional learning and collaboration (w/ case studies and stories from the field!)
  • Actionable tools to help K-12 leaders make the teaching role more collaborative and sustainable (including sample schedules and compensation models)
  • Chong-Hao Fu, CEO of Leading Educators
  • Kira Orange Jones, CEO of Teach Plus
  • David Rosenberg, Partner at Education Resource Strategies
  • Matthew Balter, Teach Plus teacher leader in Texas


Ensuring Equitable Teaching through Practical, Equitable Measurement

Professional learning (PL) organizations are grappling with how best to equitably measure the effect of PL services on teachers’ engagement, mindsets and instructional practices, and in turn, students’ experiences and outcomes. A core piece of this work is using measurement tools that are practical, easy, reliable, and grounded in equity.

Over the past year, nine organizations across the U.S. have come together to explore current measurement challenges PL organizations are facing and highlight innovative ways to create, select, and/or use practical and equitable measures.


  • Learn how we can measure PL outcomes that matter reliably, practically, equitably, and with validity.
  • Hear from experts and stakeholders from support organizations and school systems who are exploring this topic.
  • Stacey Alicea, Executive Director at the Research Partnership for Professional Learning
  • Laura Meili, Chief of Impact at Leading Educators
  • Viticia Thames, Senior Director of Research and Development at Instruction Partners
  • Shaye Worthman, Senior Director of Learning & Research at Teaching Lab
  • Aliza Husain, Vice President of Research and Evaluation at Pivot Learning


Thank you for your support! Together, we can help educators build on strengths and ignite the potential in every learner.

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