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Case Studies

A Proven Approach

From coast to coast, we have supported diverse school systems in more than 20 cities to reach their most important goals for students and families. Though each has its unique strengths and hopes, all come to us with the same purpose: ensuring every student has what they need to thrive. Our approach isn’t just a theory -it’s tried, tested, and effective. These case studies share what we’ve learned about making school an incredible place to be a teacher and a student.

District of Columbia Public Schools

How has one of the most heavily-watched districts improved outcomes for 49,000 students for four straight years? After a decade of reforms tied to curriculum, leadership, and teacher recruitment, leaders at D.C. Public Schools had a new focus: teacher development. They needed a partner. 

Fast forward to 2019, and 116 schools participate in LEAP, a first-of-its-kind effort to provide teachers with collaborative time every week to plan and practice with the content they are going to teach next.

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A teacher calls on a student while doing a read aloud with students seated on the floor

Tulsa Public Schools

Rolling out a strong curriculum is complex work, but it can transform access to knowledge for students. Doing it well depends on passionate educators who understand the goals and who are willing to change how they teach to reach equity.

Since 2017, we have partnered with Tulsa Public Schools to gradually scale the leadership, school-based support structures, and vision for a new instructional strategy–and therefore both teacher and student learning–to flourish.

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Tulsa students in a row write in notebooks as their teacher gives directions

Dig into the Data

We’re committed to sharing comprehensive results so school systems across the country have useful information about what works. Take a look at how teacher knowledge and beliefs, student learning, and conditions are shifting as result of Leading Educators partnerships.

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