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diverse group of studentsWe know there’s a lot on your mind.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the number of priorities on your plate? Are you stuck on how to best leverage your ESSER funds to realize your strategic plan?

We get it, and we can help. Use the form below to drop us a note, and a member of our team will be in touch to talk about how we can support you in showing up for your students.

Common Partnership Types

No matter where you’re starting, we’ll help you leverage research on how students learn, what teachers need to excel, and how systems improve to get life-changing results. Better yet, we’ll teach you how to do what we do so you gain capacity that lasts.

Strategic Advising

These highly customized services are steeped in the specific context, priorities, and needs of your system. They often include HQIM adoption, strategic planning, instructional leadership role design, and planning for systemic PD.

Curriculum-Based Professional Learning

We’ll work with you to design and implement ongoing curriculum internalization structures, content-specific learning for teachers, and school-based practice.

Coaching for Educators and Leaders

We’ll offer or advise direct coaching to various levels of instructional leaders on planning, practice, and adaptation within a curriculum. We also coach coaches on effective instructional observation and improvement practices.

Systemic Professional Development

We offer custom workshops focused on building teacher knowledge and instructional practices in math and ELA standards, high-quality curricula, and the science of reading for subsets of educators or at full district scale.

Leading Educators Leading Educators
"This has been an amazing partnership with lots of new learning and professional development for stakeholders that support schools and district office staff. The relationships we've built within the LE team and our district math team have led to greater flexibility and understanding. One thing I really love about LE is their empathy as a partner. They always ask what's happening and what we need to do so that we can make adjustments on our end. No other partners do this."
District Leader, Teaching & Learning
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The research is clear: instructional coherence makes a world of difference for students and teachers. We know every school system has the potential to be a dynamic learning organization where all students and adults are set up to achieve greatly, together.

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