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Educators want all their students to become confident, lifelong learners—no matter what they look like, where they come from, or how much money their family has. You want to help them build upon their passion with vetted materials, smarter collaboration, and proven practices. We’re helping partners across the country make that happen.

Whether you want to adopt new curricula, develop instructional leaders, or bring an instructional vision to life, we can help.

Where We Partner

Join a growing network of bold, visionary school systems that are getting real results for students by rethinking teacher professional learning.

100% of Senior Leaders say Their Partnership Is Meeting Their Goals

We know you can’t do it all alone, so we’re continuously working to meet partners where they are and find new paths to progress. We hold ourselves to not only getting great results but also ensuring our partners are ready to sustain new habits and systems far into the future.

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100% of partners say

Leading Educators is *always* reliable, outcomes-oriented, and completes projects with an extremely high bar for excellence.

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100% of partners say

they *always* consider Leading Educators to have the expertise to guide them through their work. They believe staff are comfortable advocating for what they believe is the best way forward.

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94% of partners say

Leading Educators is *always* flexible and adaptive; "they know when to push me and suggest solutions what a project is off track."

How We Partner

We exist to help school systems grow their people and put real opportunity within reach for all students right now. We look past simple answers to address root causes, leverage evidence, and empower the people who make up the system to spark sustainable progress.

Offering both Readiness and Direct Impact partnerships, we specialize in the following types of support.


Strategic Instructional Advising

We provide highly customized services steeped in a system’s specific context, priorities, and needs. We help partners create (or reframe) an instructional vision and aligned professional learning; align roles, responsibilities, and resources to a coherent instructional improvement strategy; and establish continuous improvement at the classroom, school, and system levels and build system leader capacity to sustain it.

Curriculum Piloting, Adoption, & Implementation

We help school system leaders vet, select, and implement high-quality instructional materials using a comprehensive vision for excellent and equitable instruction. We facilitate ongoing internalization and use of specific standards-aligned instructional practices beyond unboxing.

Curriculum-Based Professional Learning Design

Using various customized delivery models, we design and implement professional learning systems aligned to high-quality curricula that facilitate continuous improvement in teaching while building the capacity of district counterparts to implement these systems beyond the partnership. Supports include content-specific workshops for teachers and instructional leaders, capacity building for coaches and content leaders, design of school-based continuous improvement cycles aligned to specific district instructional priorities, and train-the-trainer learning experiences in all of the above.

Instructional Leader Development & Coaching

Our team of experienced educators and coaches supports new and veteran instructional leaders to facilitate collaboration, planning, and ongoing adult learning around high-quality curricula, instructional practices, and equity. We also coach school and system leaders on building the conditions for impactful continuous improvement.

Learning Conditions Improvement & Evaluation

We assess the resources, structures, and system- and school-level conditions needed to support continuous instructional improvement. We develop tailored action plans for partners, targeting how they can strengthen these conditions and resource allocation over time.

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Leading Educators Leading Educators
“Districts like Oakland are often faced with the question: how effective is our teacher collaboration time to actually grow teacher capacity and student achievement? We know that the surest way to improvement is by increasing our collective efficacy, which means content PLCs are our most important lever for change. We know that [partnering]...with Leading Educators on our content cycles will be transformative for us as a district."
Abby Kerins, Oakland Unified School District
Leading Educators Leading Educators
"This has been an amazing partnership with lots of new learning and professional development for stakeholders that support schools and district office staff. The relationships we've built within the LE team and our district math team have led to greater flexibility and understanding. One thing I really love about LE is their empathy as a partner. They always ask what's happening and what we need to do so that we can make adjustments on our end. No other partners do this."
District Leader, Teaching & Learning
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