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Science of Reading Support

Eradicating Literacy Requires New Learning.

The hard truth is that 3 in 10 children in the United States struggle to read by the time they are in 4th grade, which puts them at a higher risk of dropping out of high school and entering the criminal justice system. That’s why we’re committed to eradicating illiteracy in this lifetime.

Our in-house network of science of reading experts offers strategy support and custom, systemic professional learning design to states, districts, and charter management organizations seeking to help educators build knowledge and practice in the science of reading.

Get Effective, Scalable Support.

The Need

Five decades of research have culminated in the science of reading: a vast, interdisciplinary body of evidence about how proficient reading and writing develop; why some learners have difficulty; and how we can most effectively teach literacy to prepare all students for lifelong learning.

As 37 states and the District of Columbia work to implement new science of reading laws, Leading Educators is helping school systems realize this knowledge in practice with contextualized, systemic supports.

What We Cover

To overcome common pain points around shifting to the science of reading, our supports address:

  1. Teacher content and pedagogical knowledge of SoR through demonstration and role-play
  2. Research-based implementation drivers and practices that support the implementation of evidence-based practices
  3. Curricular internalization by engaging in instructional planning and rehearsal during professional learning

What Makes Our Support Stick

New ways of teaching require continuous and job-embedded practice that typical professional development workshops can’t facilitate. That’s why we work to shift the ways teachers collaborate and learn.

Hear a brief testimonial from Megan Macfeat, a Baltimore City Public Schools district literacy coach, about the change she sees in K-2 classrooms.

Unlike traditional, one-time professional development workshops, we build coherent professional learning systems and capacity that develop:

  • ongoing collaboration, inquiry, and practice
  • distributed instructional leadership
  • libraries of adaptable, turnkey professional learning resources that address both content knowledge and design principles of high-quality curricula in varied formats, such as self-paced asynchronous learning
  • robust, multi-layer data infrastructure.

Along the way, we help show you what we do, enabling you to lead continuous improvement far into the future without us.

Our Partners Are Seeing Rapid Results.

In Baltimore City Public Schools, average growth on DIBELS in supported schools is already outpacing other district schools by 13 percentage points this year. Last year, student foundational literacy proficiency increased at all grade levels, notably by 27 percentage points for kindergarten.

Want to see how these supports play out in practice? Read a story about the partnership.

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We Design For You.

No matter where you’re starting, we can help your district or state become a dynamic learning system where all students and adults are set up to achieve greatly, together.

We draw from our expertise as career educators, our proximity to leading researchers, and our practical experience as coaches and designers to help educators practice what they teach and plan for the future.

Systems/Strategic Advising

We advise state and local system-level leaders on developing and implementing a vision for literacy that addresses curriculum implementation, assessment systems to drive effective multi-tiered systems of support, and high-quality professional learning that strengthens teacher practice and impact.

Build a strong plan and bring it to life with our help.

Professional Learning Design

We support you in designing and facilitating high-quality professional learning for district and school administrators, literacy coaches, and teachers in various formats. These can include regional or network convenings, asynchronous modules, train-the-trainer workshops, and school-based learning cycles.

Cultivate strong practice with knowledge-rich, practical professional learning.

Coaching & Capacity Building

We support you in strengthening your implementation drivers through
literacy leadership training, observation and feedback, data stepbacks, and capacity building around creating and sustaining high-quality professional learning on your own.

We can help you build on the strengths of your team.

Start the Journey to Life-Changing Results.

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Leading EducatorsLeading Educators
“My calling is so that children can one day stand on their own without scaffolds, that children will one day reap the benefits that literacy is liberty, that children will one day be able to teach someone else the power that only literacy can bring.”
Dr. Mitchell Brookins, Managing Director

Meet the Team

Led by Dr. Mitchell Brookins, an accomplished national expert on the science of reading, our team brings decades of experience in school system transformation, school leadership, professional learning design and facilitation, high-impact coaching, and capacity building.
Headshot of Dr. Mitchell Brookins

Dr. Mitchell Brookins

Managing Director, Science of Reading Network
Mitchell Brookins is an experienced educator, school leader, and national expert on PreK-2 foundational skills who leads implementation of science of reading partnerships.
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Naima Richardson

Senior Director, Science of Reading
Naima Richardson is the Senior Director for Science of Reading Partnerships.
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Olivia Bertucci

Instructional Leadership Coach, ELA
Olivia is a content specialist and coach fueled by the belief that literacy is a basic human right. She supports instructional leaders in Baltimore by leading ELA professional learning experiences and...
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Jennifer Sierra

Director of Content & Coaching, Science of Reading in Baltimore
Jen is a career educator who who leads design and coaching on the Science of Reading for the Baltimore partnership.
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Dr. Heather Zuerblis

Director of Content and Coaching, ELA
Heather is a literacy leader who believes that all children can learn to read if they have access to evidence-based literacy approaches.
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Brielle Brewick

Associate Director of Networks
Brielle is a passionate and innovative education leader committed to high standards, equity, and access for all students.
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Headshot of Dr. Mitchell Brookins

Dr. Mitchell Brookins

Naima Richardson

Olivia Bertucci

Jennifer Sierra

Dr. Heather Zuerblis

Brielle Brewick

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