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Taking Education Forward

Sharing What We Know

Beyond systemic change work alongside leading districts and states, Leading Educators is involved in several coalitions and working groups, regularly presenting to policymakers and influencers, to advance the conditions and habits that lead to fair and just opportunity in schools.

Research Partnership for Professional Learning

Leading Educators is a founding member of RPPL, the Research Partnership for Professional Learning. RPPL brings together professional learning (PL) organizations and researchers who study teacher learning to identify the features of PL that improve students’ classroom experiences, well-being, and academic growth, with a specific focus on students from historically marginalized groups.

Now consisting of more than 30 organizations, the coalition is working to dramatically accelerate not only student learning, but our collective understanding of how best to support teacher learning and improvement.

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Coalition to Improve the Profession of Teaching

Leading Educators joins four organizations in a new effort to modernize the teaching profession and get better results for students.

Alongside Teach Plus, Education Resource Strategies, Public Impact, and the Next Education Workforce at Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, we’re working to advance policies that make teaching dynamic, rewarding, collaborative, sustainable, and diverse, enabling all educators to have the greatest positive impact on student learning and well-being.

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