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Our Work

The Power of Lead Learners

When you take the passion and experience of teachers, then add relevant support, academic focus, and new opportunities for shared learning and planning, you build a foundation for improvement that can adapt to evolving standards and student needs.

We’ve helped school systems achieve lasting change so students and teachers alike thrive today and beyond.

Making Equity Actionable

No successful educational change is neutral when it comes to racism and systemic oppression. We are fully committed to promoting policies, practices, and mindsets that disrupt systemic racial inequity.

That’s why we work with leadership teams to consider diversity, equity, and inclusion as the lens for making choices about rigorous academic content. We also support partners to use equity analysis when looking at data, observing instruction, and developing systems. Our direct programmatic offerings include more than 30 hours of equity-focused learning that addresses topics such as structural inequities, cycles of oppression, and marginalization in education.

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89% of students

served by LE identify as students of color

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51% of students

served by LE identify as Black

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29% of students

served by LE identify as Latinx or Hispanic

Leading Educators Leading Educators
“[The DC Public Schools LEAP partnership] was one of the earliest and most serious efforts to connect professional learning activities with the actual curriculum that teachers are expected to enact in their classrooms with their students."
Ross Wiener, Aspen Institute

Building for What Comes Next

For more than 10 years, we’ve worked to stay on the cutting edge of strengthening instruction to prepare all students for a rapidly changing world. Success beyond school requires a deep base of knowledge, comfort with taking many approaches to solving problems, and skill in connecting with others across lines of difference.

With leading public districts and charter networks, we’re developing sustainable strategies for adopting strong materials, elevating teachers’ expertise, making equitable visions for instruction actionable, and bolstering the leadership capacity to adapt to future change with focus.

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Our Approach

Teachers are invaluable to ensuring students access the knowledge and skills they need to follow their dreams. But too often, their own opportunities to grow fall short of what’s best for teachers and students.

That’s where we come in. We focus high-quality professional development for teachers on their curriculum and put it back where it belongs: in schools, where they can collaborate to strengthen students’ experiences in real time. Equity lives in the choices teachers make every day, so we have to support them to lead classrooms where every student can thrive, no matter where they start.

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