Annual Report 2022

Building for a Fair and Just Future

Every young person deserves a fair chance to build the life they want.

No matter who they are, where they come from, or how much money their family has, their education should prepare them for their next step and beyond.

The future is changing rapidly, and it also promises students new opportunities not seen by past generations. If their educators help them develop the knowledge, sense of self, care for others, and confidence to solve complex challenges, they can access opportunity and create a better world. We exist to help school systems deliver on that promise.

But today, school system leaders face staggering obstacles and competing priorities caused by historical inequity, a changing-world, and the recent shocks of a global pandemic. Teachers face urgency to accelerate and reimagine learning, but too few have sufficient support. Too many students at the margins are not ready for their next step because they haven’t yet had a fair opportunity to learn.

All of this has pushed schools to their limits. Structural changes to how districts cultivate excellent teaching can’t wait, but they can’t do it all on their own.

Leading Educators helps school systems nurture excellence in every classroom. We leverage research on how students learn, what teachers need to excel, and how systems improve to get life-changing results.

No school system is the same, but they can all become dynamic learning organizations where all students and adults are set up to achieve greatly, together. We draw from our expertise as career educators,
coaches, and designers to help educators practice what they teach and plan for the future. We partner with leaders to offer a range of customized supports, including strategic advising, ongoing curriculumbased professional learning design and implementation, and coaching to spark transformation at scale.

By building on strengths and bolstering the conditions for educators to succeed, we ensure that transformational leadership, practices, and results endure without us. When teachers learn, students learn.

On behalf of our phenomenal team, our bold partners, and the 178,000+ students we wake up to serve each day, we thank you for your support.

Chong-Hao Fu, Dr. LaKimbre Brown, Laura Meili, Bethany Criss, Simone Senior

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Our 2022 Annual Report is a journey through our major achievements from the past year. We highlight programmatic successes, growth, and lessons learned that have all been made possible with your support and partnership.

two students playing with robotics

By the Numbers

Against high stakes, our partners have worked tirelessly to meet the challenges of the moment while making key moves to build a better future.Our partners across the country are proving what’s possible for students by making bold
investments in instructional strategy, professional learning systems, and high-quality
instructional materials.

Icon on a a boy with a backpack

178,000 students

supported with more excellent and equitable teaching

Two hands grasp each other

383 schools and 33 school systems

supported with contextualized instructional supports from coast to coast

Leading Educators Leading Educators
"At a time when hope is a scarce resource, and when it can feel like there is little consensus on the future of U.S. education, I have the great fortune to see true transformation every day in ways big and small."
Chong-Hao Fu, CEO
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