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Technology is no longer new to the classroom. It’s everywhere. But what makes edtech effective?

As you rethink the boundaries of the traditional classroom and lean on technology in brand new ways, the VATT Framework can help you focus, better connect technology to instructional goals, and ignite new potential.

Value Add of Technology on Teaching (VATT) Framework

With limited time and so many edtech tools to choose from, how are you supposed to know which will actually make a difference?

Leading Educators developed the Value Add of Technology on Teaching (VATT) Framework with teachers, school and system leaders, researchers, and experts from around the globe to answer this question. VATT outlines practices you can use to harness the power and promise of technology in instruction.

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Technology Value Adds

The VATT highlights three progressive Technology Value Adds, which represent research-backed benefits that can be gained from effective tech-enabled practice: gained capacity, increased effectiveness, and expanded possibilities.

  • Do More: Increase access to necessary instructional and skill-building resources as well as time-saving practices
  • Do Better: Strengthen impact on student thinking and engagement, quality of instructional strategies, and responsiveness to individual needs
  • Do New: Push the boundaries of the status quo and invite creativity and innovation into practice

The Components

The VATT has three levels: the Areas of Impact, Aligned Practices for teachers, and developmental Impact Statements.

The VATT rubric has three “Areas of Impact” that reflect the primary responsibilities of educators across various contexts, including but not limited to content area, grade level, and geography.

  • Teaching & Learning

  • Classroom Community & Culture

  • Practice & Growth

The Areas of Impact align to common instructional and teacher evaluation frameworks as well as broad categories of education technology products and/or tech use cases within the marketplace.

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