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Potential, ignited.

Our Next Chapter

Our schools are filled with limitless potential.  Turning that potential into progress is hard work.

Opportunity in this country has never been equally available to all, and that reality puts millions of marginalized young people at a disadvantage from the moment they step into their first classroom.  Schools and districts see the consequences of systemic inequity, and they strive to make shifts that pave the way for brighter futures.

Past to Present

Nearly 10 years ago, we made a bet that the strongest educators across the country could spark collective change by elevating teaching.  Hundreds of teacher leaders in high-needs schools welcomed new responsibility to support their peers, and we provided professional development and coaching informed by the best research to grow their practice and their leadership.

Over time, our approach evolved from developing individual teachers to school teams, and then from school teams to entire districts.  In that evolution, we discovered new potential to achieve even better outcomes more quickly by rethinking our approach to professional development.

Today, in districts across the country, Leading Educators is driving improvements in teaching that have ignited unprecedented student success.

Our Story
Student writing at desk

Our Identity

Over the next chapter of our story, we’re eager to share our learning from across the country for the benefit of students and educators everywhere.  Because of our national scope, we have the opportunity to see first-hand how teachers are innovating in a variety of contexts and use those lessons to inform teaching and learning in other environments.

Brand Elements

  • Triangles are the strongest shape, and here they come together to reinforce strong communities of learning.  When we support districts, we ignite potential and build on the strengths of existing educators.
  • We care deeply about reaching solutions that work, right now.  That means being arm-in-arm with our partners, an idea represented by the unity of the two shapes.
  • We’re motivated by diversity and equity. We also value inclusion of differing approaches.  No two approaches are the same, just as no two people are the same. This belief is represented by two different scalene triangles.

This is just the beginning of a new journey, and we can’t be more thankful to be on it with you. Let’s ignite potential, together.

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