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Baltimore City Public Schools Math

Building a Thriving Math System

Math allows us to make sense of our world. When students see the power and joy in mathematics—not just the steps—they can use math knowledge and problem-solving skills to build the lives they dream about.

That’s why Baltimore City Public Schools is partnering with Leading Educators to sustain a coherent math instructional system that builds teacher efficacy and strengthens students’ access to challenging learning.

About the Partnership

The Challenge

In 2021, the Baltimore City Public Schools ESSA Strategic Plan revealed gaps in math achievement among students at the margins.

In SY18, 62.6% of general education students did not meet expectations compared to 92.2% of students with disabilities. Among our race/ethnicity groups, 39.4% of white students did not meet expectations on PARCC Math compared to 71.1% of black students.”

Pandemic-related challenges exacerbated historically rooted barriers to academic success, with a disproportionate impact on students of color, those with disabilities, and English language learners. Analysis of SY 20-21 district diagnostic data signaled that a large majority of students experienced growth from the beginning to the end of the year but not at the accelerated rate needed to surpass pre-pandemic levels.

The Solution: Strengthening Teacher Support

City Schools and Leading Educators are partnering on a multi-year math capacity-building strategy in grades 6 to 8 to help teachers accelerate learning in middle schools. 

Using ongoing, inquiry-based professional learning connected to the Eureka Math curriculum, teachers in 20 middle schools are practicing what they teach to improve instructional rigor and differentiation.

This year, teachers are focusing on using academic language in mathematics to help students respond to math tasks with explanations of their reasoning that meet the demands of grade-level standards.

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Leveraging Middle Leaders

Academic Planning Facilitators (APFs), who lead adult learning across the district, receive support from Leading Educators in content internalization so they can offer teachers sequenced professional development on instructional practices from the Eureka curriculum at the school level. 

We also design turnkey learning materials on the curriculum as a common foundation for these sessions. This allows us to provide monthly internalization PD and bi-monthly coaching for APFs on how to go deep on content knowledge with teachers that is aligned with district priorities.

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How We're Building on Strengths

We’re taking a multi-layer approach to building instructional leadership and the conditions for exponential improvement from the classroom up to central office.

Strategy & Co-Design

The Leading Educators team meets bi-weekly consultations with district-level leaders, including the Director of STEM and network support coaches (ACLs), to reflect on instructional progress and make adjustments to upcoming professional learning plans.

Ongoing Professional Learning Design

Leading Educators and City School’s Teaching and Learning Team (TnL) co-design turnkey professional learning cycles and conduct monthly internalization professional development for Academic Planning Facilitators (APFs) who will lead ongoing learning for teachers.

Coaching for Coaches

Academic Planning Facilitators (APFs) lead content cycles at their schools for all 6-8th grade teachers. APFs are supported by their Academic Content Liaison (ACL, district math coach) and their LE coach to internalize and facilitate the cycle and monitor teacher learning in one-on-one, bi-monthly coaching.

Leading Educators Leading Educators
"We're on the right track. We definitely have more places to go and further to go and we're not going to take the gas off."
Dr. Sonja Santelises, CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools

Meet the Team

Our team of experienced school leaders, designers, and coaches is helping key leaders within City Schools build capacity for world-class teaching and learning that changes lives.

Daniel Perry

Managing Director of Networks
Daniel Perry believes that all students deserve access and support to reach their greatest potential through dedicated, knowledgeable, and equity-focused educators.
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Headshot of Dr. Mitchell Brookins

Dr. Mitchell Brookins

Managing Director of the Science of Reading
Mitchell Brookins is an experienced educator, school leader, and national expert on PreK-2 foundational skills who leads implementation of science of reading partnerships.
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Araceli Flores

Director of Content
Araceli designs and facilitates math professional learning for educators in Baltimore.
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Naima Richardson

Director of Content & Coaching, Math
Naima Richardson is a Director of Content and Coaching for Math with the Baltimore partnership.
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April Sandolph

Director of Content, Secondary Math
April is an educator who believes in the power of education and how it can be used as a tool to transform individual lives and communities.
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Brielle Brewick

Associate Director of Networks
Brielle is a passionate and innovative education leader committed to high standards, equity, and access for all students.
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Daniel Perry

Headshot of Dr. Mitchell Brookins

Dr. Mitchell Brookins

Araceli Flores

Naima Richardson

April Sandolph

Brielle Brewick

Learn About Other Partnerships

Baltimore is just one of a dozen partnerships across the country that are pushing the boundaries of what schools can offer students. Learn more about how we customize our supports to meet the needs and strengths of visionary districts.

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