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Los Angeles Unified School District

Demystifying Mathematics

Math allows us to make sense of our world. When we help students see the power and joy in mathematics—not just the steps—they can use math knowledge and problem-solving skills to build the lives they dream about.


About the Partnership

Helping Teachers Center Students in Learning

Los Angeles Unified School District wants all students to identify as mathematicians, see the beauty and joy in mathematics, and use their math knowledge and skills as tools for empowerment and liberation.

Since 2021, LAUSD is partnering with The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, Achievement Network, and Leading Educators to design professional learning for school-based instructional leaders.

Leading Educators is helping the Los Angeles Unified School District equip teachers to provide challenging instruction in every classroom using the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum.

Illustrative Mathematics takes a problem-based approach to math, which requires a shift in how teachers teach. We designed ongoing learning to help teachers and leaders understand this change and internalize what makes IM effective.

Building the system

Improving instruction and outcomes at scale requires more than curricula alone—it takes coherent strategy. The multi-pronged improvement approach involves frequent classroom observations, data-driven systems, and the formation of a diverse implementation team.

Focus through the years

The first two years of partnership set up leaders for success curriculum implementation. In our third year, the focal point is on planning for sustainability.

2021-2022: Building Knowledge

District leaders, school leaders, and math ILTs are actively engaged in building their knowledge of Illustrative Mathematics (IM). The emphasis is placed on three key areas: planning, curricular resources, and instructional routines.

2022-2023: Professional Learning for Leaders

Professional learning sessions are specifically designed for leaders with the ultimate goal of equipping them to effectively deliver this knowledge to teachers.

2023-2024: Planning for Sustainability

Creating sustainable structures for Professional Learning through an aligned continuous improvement cycle. (PDSA Cycles)

Partnership by the Numbers

White icon of a school

251 schools

have adopted Illustrative Mathematics in the first year.

white line drawing of student raising hand at desk

80,000+ students

are experiencing problem-based math rooted in Illustrative Mathematics materials.

Teachers sit around around table

900+ teachers

are using Illustrative Mathematics materials to plan challenging lessons.

Clipboard with charts and pen

90% of principals

have developed a plan to support their staff in transitioning to IM.

Looking Ahead

As our partnership enters its final year in 2023-24, LAUSD is committed to ensuring the sustainability of the IM implementation beyond the grant’s conclusion. The upcoming year will concentrate on consolidating and strengthening systems to guarantee that LAUSD remains firmly positioned to maintain the momentum of IM implementation, maintaining the focus on empowering educators and advancing math education.

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Meet the Team

Our people are our strength. They make up a vibrant, diverse community of experienced classroom educators, former school and system leaders, content and coaching experts, and fearless advocates.

Dr. Lakita D. McKinney

Managing Director of Networks
Lakita is an experienced leader in education with a demonstrated history of impact in school leadership, leadership development, and education management.
Learn more

Monique Wright

Senior Director of Networks
Monique is a Senior Director guiding Illustrative Math implementation alongside leaders in three LAUSD local districts.
Learn more

George Werres

Director of Content - Math
George Werres is a Director of Content - Math who designs professional learning experiences for instructional leaders in Los Angeles.
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Ginny James

Instructional Leadership Coach, Math
Ginny is an Instructional Leadership Coach partnering with schools within the LAUSD local districts to effectively implement their Math curriculum.
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Kristina Rubio

Program Manager
Kristina support programming, logistics, and data management for the Leading Educators team in Los Angeles and Cincinnati.
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Dr. Lakita D. McKinney

Monique Wright

George Werres

Ginny James

Kristina Rubio

Learn About Other Partnerships

LAUSD is just one of a dozen partnerships across the country that are pushing the boundaries of what schools can offer students. Learn more about how we customize our supports to meet the needs and strengths of visionary districts.

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