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Ignite Excellence.

Leading Educators helps passionate people like you meet students' big dreams with excellent teaching, every day.

When Teachers Learn, Students Learn.

Build Capacity Where it Counts.

No two school systems are the same, but they can all become dynamic learning organizations where all students and adults are set up to achieve greatly, together.

By building on strengths and bolstering the conditions for educators to succeed, we ensure that transformational leadership, practices, and results endure without us.

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100% of system-level instructional leaders

say Leading Educators has increased their capacity to lead for equity and focus on the conditions for adult learning. 100% of partners say Leading Educators is reliable, outcomes-oriented, and completes projects with an extremely high bar for excellence.

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4 Rigorous Studies

demonstrate that our partnerships improve students' literacy and math learning, student experience, and teacher retention at higher rates than similar interventions.

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196,000+ Students

supported with more grade-appropriate, equitable instruction this year in partner schools nationwide. Students report a greater sense of belonging, improved self-efficacy, and stronger student-teacher relationships.


13,000+ Teachers

influenced to create change in classrooms at 395 schools this year. Teachers are gaining access to vetted curricula, building understanding of their mindsets and practice, and collaborating more frequently around grade-appropriate and equitable lessons.

Expand Access, Realize Potential.

School is about more than learning academic skills. It should offer students the chance to grow into their fullest selves, inclusive of who they are and where they come from.

That’s why we coach and train teachers to approach their lessons through a vision called Teaching for Equity. Teachers can expand students’ agency and access by affirming their strengths and identities, cultivating productive learning habits, and helping them connect more deeply with others.

Explore Teaching for Equity
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Leading Educators Leading Educators
“When I compare the schools with and without LE support, there is a very noticeable difference in outcomes. The LE team is flexible in adjusting as needed to meet the needs of the schools. In addition, the LE team has shared ideas that are coherent, appropriate, and always challenging instruction to improve.”
Andres Flores, Local District Secondary Math Coordinator at Los Angeles USD

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