Katie Murphy

Katie is an academic strategist and problem solver who is deeply committed to supporting educators at all levels translate their aspirations for students to all students.

Rebecca Taylor-Perryman

Rebecca believes school systems deserve access to strong evidence and useful data about what will serve their students and communities, and that those most impacted by initiatives to improve teaching and learning should play an active role in research about their impact.

Adan Garcia

Adan is a communications and public policy strategist who is driven to elevate educator and student voices in social change.

Kara Helander

Kara Helander is a renowned catalyst for diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility in the business sector.

Jay Altman

Jay Altman has helped found several education non-profits, including FirstLine Schools in New Orleans, where he served as CEO from 2008-2019. He also founded Leading Educators in 2008.

Doug Borchard

Doug Borchard is an accomplished social entrepreneur and senior executive.

Michelle Boyers

Michelle Boyers is a lifelong education leader with experience in system, state, and national level transformation.

Sheila Brown

Sheila Brown is experienced system leader and expert in implementation of high standards.

Tommy Chang

Tommy Chang is a fearless advocate for educational equity and a former school system leader.

Diana Gonzalez

Diana Gonzalez is an Expert Associate Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Washington, DC office. She is an accomplished state and federal education leader who has played a critical role in transforming pathways in higher education.

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