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Disrupting The Teacher Professional Development Industry

Great teaching takes practice. Tulsa is perhaps the most comprehensive example of the vision sought by Leading Educators, which launched in 2008 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

By preparing high-performing teachers to support their peers, Leading Educators is seeking to disrupt the multibillion-dollar teacher professional development industry — one that research has repeatedly found “ineffective in supporting changes in teachers’ practices and student learning,” according to a study from the Learning Policy Institute.

Together, Leading Educators and school districts are redesigning students’ and teachers’ schedules, jumping through myriad hoops so teachers can spend more time talking to — and learning from — each other.

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“There was very little professional development happening, and when it was, it was happening in very large, unmanageable groups, in one-time doses that didn’t have a connection to what’s happening in unique schools. Teachers weren’t excited about it, to be in large conference center spaces having people talking at them.”
Devin Fletcher, Tulsa Public Schools
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